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網上報名表格 Online Registration Form
(*) 必須填寫 Mandatory
(A) 個人資料 Personal Information
1. *稱謂 Salutation:
教授 Professor 博士 PhD 先生 Mr. 太太 Mrs. 女士 Ms. 小姐 Miss
2. *身分 Role:
家長 Parents
學校教職員 School teaching or non-teaching staff
幼兒護理員 Care-givers     
非牟利組織 Non-profit organization
兒童教育或發展的商業機構 Commercial institue on child education or development
其他 Others (請說明 Please specify: )
3. *姓名 Name:
  將與配偶一同出席 Will attend with my spouse
配偶姓名 Spouse Name:
4. *電郵 Email:
5. *日間聯絡電話 Daytime Phone:
6. *子女數目 No. of Children:
沒有 (請跳到第8題)   1 2 3 4 個或以上
  No (please go to Q.8)               or above
7. *子女年齡 Age of Children: (如育有多於一名子女,可選多項
Can choose more than 1 option if you have more than 1 child )
3歲以下 3-6歲  7-12歲   12-18歲 18歲以上    
8. 家庭總收入(每月)
Total Family Income(Monthly):
< HKD$15,000 HKD$15,000-29,999 HKD$30,000-44,999
HKD$45,000-59,999 > HKD$60,000    
9. * 從哪裡得知此活動? (可選多項)From what source do you know
about the Event?
(can choose more than one):
學校 School    互聯網  Internet  雜誌 Magazine 報紙 Newspaper
朋友介紹 Friend   社會支援及服務組織 Social support and service provider
其他 Others (請說明 Please specify: )
(B) 問卷調查 Questionnaire

In order to perfectly match your need towards the event, please fill out the below questions on nurturing children. Thank you!

1. 您子女的課外活動每月開支大約為:
How much do you spend on your children's extra-curriculum activities every month?
< HKD$1,000          HKD$1,000-1,999 HKD$2,000-2,999 HKD$3,000-3,999
HKD$4,000-4,999 > HKD$5,000        
2. 您欲透過此活動取得哪方面的資訊? (可選多項)
What information would you like to collect from this event? (can choose more than one)
管教兒童的方法 Teaching method on child
情緒管理教育 Controlling EQ education
全人及個人持續發展培訓 All rounded and personal development training
資優教育 Gifted education
特殊需要教育 Special need education
國際知名兒童教育團體及課程 Well-known International child education institutes and courses
各種培訓及興趣班 Various training and extra-curriculum
學前或親子教育 Pre-school or parent-child education
兒童適用的教育書籍 Books for children
兒童教育的軟硬件及媒體 Education tools for children
其他 Others (請說明 Please specify: )
3. 您最希望參與本活動的哪些部份? (可選多項)
Which activity(s) do you wish to participate in this event? (can choose more than one)
  To participate in children's mind development seminar
  To participate in education related and children nurturing seminar
  To collect information on professional or consultation service on child education
  To collect education related products and course information at exhibition showcase
  To share child nurturing and education experience with other parents and the industry
  To get the complimentary parenting booklet
其他 Others (請說明 Please specify: )
Thank you for your registration and valuable opinions. We will contact you very soon!
In order to protect your privacy, your personal information will only be used for this event for reference only.
本人不願意收取本活動以外的資訊。I do not wish to receive any information which is not related to this event.